Personal Coaching

In a coaching session, I listen to your unique challenges and struggles and use a variety of tools to help you overcome your inner limitations and achieve your goals. I  work with people over phone or Skype. Most clients purchase a package of sessions, but individual sessions are also available.

  • Package 1: 8 sessions for $1100 – This is most helpful if you are going through a major transition that has rocked your world, if you want ongoing support for a longer time, or if you know you need to change something but aren’t yet sure what needs to change. Working together, we’ll uncover your strengths, find where you’re tripping yourself up and how to bridge over that, and help you create a clear path forward to living your life on your terms. Book the 8-session package here.
  • Package 2: 6 sessions for $900 – If you know what you want to shift and are ready to make changes, the 6 session package helps you get clarity and support for putting those changes into action in your life. Book the 6-session package here.
  • Individual coaching sessions $165 – If you have a simple issue you want coaching on (like getting a new perspective on a relationship, your approach to a challenge or a refresher session for a returning client), a single session may be all you need to help get you feeling empowered and confident. Book an Individual session here.

If you are looking for a coach, schedule a free initial 30 minute consultation with me to evaluate if it’s the right fit. After the initial free phone consultation, payment must be made prior to coaching sessions.


This 90 minute session will give you both intuitive insight and coaching. As with any intuitive reading, I do a pre-read on the topic you choose prior to our conversation. I will share the information I received during the beginning of our call together and provide an opportunity for you to ask clarifying questions. Using that information and your interpretation of it, I’ll then shift into a coaching mode, helping you to gain clarity on your next steps and find your inner confidence, courage and peace around taking action. This type of session is great for an area you want to do a deep dive into and create a shift. These sessions are $200 each. Book a Combo session here.

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