“Working with Emily was both inspirational and therapeutic. Although I had many things going for me, a great husband, enriching job, and good health, I didn’t feel like I was on the right path. It was this constant nagging from a deeper place that I was wasting time and wasting my life on things that didn’t matter to me, no matter how hard I pushed myself to embrace them. However, figuring out the right path on my own was leaving me more frustrated and full of questions rather than answers. I was in a very apathetic state. I found that because my life seems so nicely packaged from the outside, friends and family weren’t always compassionate when I brought up my feelings of unfulfillment—especially when I couldn’t completely articulate why I felt unfulfilled. Emily helped me learn to tame the chaos happening in my heart and head, offering tools that allowed me to ask myself questions and reveal answers that I would never have believed would come from within me. It’s startling how many feelings you push down when you stop listening to your inner compass. Through her compassionate guidance and willingness to listen to my inner struggles, I could see where I was limiting myself and where I was making my path more difficult for myself rather than tapping into my authentic self and leaning into the easy, natural path that leads to contentment and peace. If you find yourself in a similar place, I highly recommend reaching out to Emily to witness her ability to guide you to a place of clarity and on to a path of fulfillment that comes from within you.”

~ Sarah D., Dallas, TX

“Emily knows how tough corporate life can be. She’s been there. Her unique understanding of how to integrate career with personal happiness has redefined my life and given me a new perspective on my future, which I was certain was doomed. She continually challenges my fears and doubts in practical ways that I apply to stressful situations and relationships. I consider her a coach, mentor, and friend. She’s as upbeat as she is curious—two traits that make her an invaluable advocate. I highly recommend Emily to anyone searching for a more meaningful career and life.”

~ Susan, Washington

“Emily has been my life coach for over a year, and during that time, she has been a great asset in helping with my career development.  Emily was a professional client of mine before she became a life coach, and I was confident that she would be someone who could provide sound guidance to assist me when professional challenges arose – I was right! Emily brings a great combination of business savvy, intuitiveness, and coaching knowledge to the table, and those skills allow her to provide outstanding coaching.  I would strongly recommend Emily for any driven professional who finds themselves in challenging situations and is willing to make an investment in themselves with the knowledge that there will be long-term dividends through Emily’s counsel.”

~ Jeff, Connecticut

“I bought 10 weeks’ worth of sessions with Emily to help me get out of a really bad place in my career, and within 5 sessions I couldn’t believe the changes that happened at my job. She guided me through the process of learning to challenge my own beliefs and assumptions, opening my eyes to possibilities I hadn’t ever thought of. Even more magical to me is that she helped me free myself from the limiting fears I had been living under. Having stabilized what had been an unbearable situation at work, I was able to use the remaining 5 sessions to dream big about what was next for me…with Emily guiding me along each step of the way. She was caring, real, and knew just how to push me when I needed it. And just as a good coach would, she celebrated each step of progress with me. Emily has been arguably more valuable than my MBA in helping me grow in my career – I can’t recommend her highly enough as a life coach!”

~ Michele, Maryland

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate having you in my life. You are such a calm voice of reason. You inspired me to not be so scared and have so much self-doubt. My mantra from here on out is going to simply be ‘Onward.’”

~ Megan, Illinois

“I began working with Emily just after graduating from the Martha Beck Life Coach Institute. I was struggling with the decision of whether or not to become a coach and leave behind my current career as a teacher. I had come to a crossroads and had so much uncertainty and fear around making the “perfect” decision. I was terrified of making a mistake.

Emily was sensitive to my fears, yet she knew they would hold me back from living fully and choosing a career path from a place of empowerment. Her insightful questions helped me look within myself for answers that only I had. My thinking gradually began to change from needing to make “the perfect decision” to simply “moving in the direction of warmer.” Emily also helped me see how my life’s work didn’t have to be “this OR that” but could encompass all of the parts of myself that I love and that bring meaning to my work. I was finally able to relax into the journey of life.

I have stopped thinking in terms of either/or and am just doing what feels good and right for me each step of the way. I feel like I am living an authentic life and that gives me immeasurable satisfaction. I am thankful to Emily for being the sounding board I needed to work it all out within myself and for asking the right questions that led me to go deeper within to uncover my truths.”

Lisa Landi, Houston, TX

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