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I work with people who are seeking more fulfillment in their life. They are yearning to lead a life with purpose and feel the pull of their heart and soul to do something meaningful. I help people integrate the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical to live more connected, conscious lives.

How I Got Here

In 2009, I was proud to be a senior vice president for a global communications agency, making an incredible salary, living in a luxury Manhattan apartment, …and I was absolutely miserable. I finally admitted to myself that I could no longer live that life. I didn’t enjoy what I was doing, and I felt drawn to do something else, although it took me some inner exploration and soul searching of my own to find life coaching. I knew I wanted to help others, and the path to doing that was healing myself first.

After quitting my corporate job and starting my coaching practice, I focused for the next several years on helping people with career change and general job stress. I love coaching, and I loved seeing my clients go from stressed and miserable to peaceful and proactive, leading their careers and lives rather than feeling at the mercy of them. I love the coaching tools I learned from Martha Beck and how they have given me and my clients freedom from the constricting and painful prisons we can create for ourselves in our own minds.

And then in 2013, my personal life seemed to fall apart. Within a few months, I lost the ability to walk, my fertility, my pet, my relationship and my home. I was quite literally adrift, and for a few brief moments, I considered abandoning my calling and clutching the known certainty of what I had done before. I quickly had several job offers, but something held me back.

I decided that instead of clinging to the certainty that I had known, I would completely throw myself into the sea of uncertainty and attempt to find my path in a different way, like that of a Wayfinder. I have learned how to regain my balance, to trust even when I cannot see the way forward, to cultivate my inner peace and JOY, and develop my intuitive gifts. Today,  I have created a new home and a new life for myself. I have found my inner peace and know how to return to it whenever I get off-balance. I am more focused on who I am and what I’m here to do.

Ultimately, all of my work is about helping people to be more conscious, to step fully into who they are and what their purpose is, and to live their lives with purpose on purpose.


Martha Beck Life Coach Training, 2011martha beck

Martha Beck Master Coach Training, 2014

Other areas of study include: The Work by Byron Katie, Positive Psychology, and Intuitive readings.


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Want to work with me? Schedule a free initial 30 minute phone consultation for both of us to evaluate if it’s the right fit, or Email me with any questions you have.

For a short loving kindness blessing, you can hear me sing the Metta Sutta here.